Monday, December 14, 2009

Finish Your Backswing - Golf Lesson Holiday Gift Certificates!

Today's golf tip follows this important message from... well... from ME!

(procrastinators unite!)...


Dear friends and readers, if you still haven't found that perfect holiday gift... why not surprise that special person in your life with the gift of golf!?!

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Today's Golf Tip:

A common error I see golfers make is that they guage the length of their backswing by how far they bring their club back. For whatever reason, golfers have deemed that for a full swing, one must get the clubshaft to a "parallel to the ground" position at the top of the backswing. Past parallel and it's DEATH!! Short of parallel and your not making a complete backswing.

While this MAY be true... it certainly is not true for every golfer.

The most common misconception I see is when a golfer takes the club back way past parallel. Their friends (perhaps even their teachers!) tell them that they are turning too much. So they turn less... sacrificing distance.

Oftentimes when I watch someone hit shots who has a "past parallel" position at the top of their swing, the trouble is usually NOT that they are turning too much... in actuality... some times they are turning too LITTLE! The past parallel position occurs because they either collapse their arms (at the elbows) and/or wrists at the top of their backswings (to get that club to parallel)... using very little body turn.

A better way to gauge if you are making a full backswing is by focusing on your body coil. Forget the club (at least for now). I believe that an effective backswing is one that begins with turning the shoulders... which turn the hips (mostly involuntarily)... which then move the knees (mostly involuntariy redux!).

If you are struggling with making a full shoulder turn on your backswing then try this thought: Imagine that you have a caddy standing in front of you (the opposite side of your ball). Turn your shoulders until the caddy can see your right shoulder blade (left shoulder blade if you are a left-handed golfer).

In the picture below (using an 8-iron)... you can see my right shoulder blade indicating that I made a complete backswing... while the club remains short of parallel.

Try this with your swing. Some of you may not be able to turn the shoulders to the point that your caddy can see that shoulder blade... however... you should use this as a swing thought to at least get you thinking about turning the shoulders... and forgetting about the club.

One more thing... you shouldn't turn so much that you can no longer see the ball. If this happens, I'm guessing that your hips are rotating too much. Remember... allow them to move involuntarily... not intentionally.

Good Golfing to YOU!!

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