Monday, April 12, 2010

This Blog Will be Moving To...


For my faithful followers of this blog... I want to start by say, THANK YOU! I greatly appreciate it!

Come June of this year... I will probably no longer be posting on this blog. That may change... But please, PLEASE continue to follow me at: WWW.CREATEGOLFERS.COM

I will be posting great tips and advice and hope to really grow it into a community where golfers of all ages and abilities can find some great resources as well as sharing their tips and experiences.

SO... See you at WWW.CREATEGOLFERS.COM and good golfing to you!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finish Your Backswing - Golf Lesson Holiday Gift Certificates!

Today's golf tip follows this important message from... well... from ME!

(procrastinators unite!)...


Dear friends and readers, if you still haven't found that perfect holiday gift... why not surprise that special person in your life with the gift of golf!?!

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Buy individual hour lessons or enjoy greater savings by purchasing a series. There are lessons available for all ages and abilities! All lessons taught at The Legends Golf Club in Clermont, Florida.

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Don't wait much longer... TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!

Today's Golf Tip:

A common error I see golfers make is that they guage the length of their backswing by how far they bring their club back. For whatever reason, golfers have deemed that for a full swing, one must get the clubshaft to a "parallel to the ground" position at the top of the backswing. Past parallel and it's DEATH!! Short of parallel and your not making a complete backswing.

While this MAY be true... it certainly is not true for every golfer.

The most common misconception I see is when a golfer takes the club back way past parallel. Their friends (perhaps even their teachers!) tell them that they are turning too much. So they turn less... sacrificing distance.

Oftentimes when I watch someone hit shots who has a "past parallel" position at the top of their swing, the trouble is usually NOT that they are turning too much... in actuality... some times they are turning too LITTLE! The past parallel position occurs because they either collapse their arms (at the elbows) and/or wrists at the top of their backswings (to get that club to parallel)... using very little body turn.

A better way to gauge if you are making a full backswing is by focusing on your body coil. Forget the club (at least for now). I believe that an effective backswing is one that begins with turning the shoulders... which turn the hips (mostly involuntarily)... which then move the knees (mostly involuntariy redux!).

If you are struggling with making a full shoulder turn on your backswing then try this thought: Imagine that you have a caddy standing in front of you (the opposite side of your ball). Turn your shoulders until the caddy can see your right shoulder blade (left shoulder blade if you are a left-handed golfer).

In the picture below (using an 8-iron)... you can see my right shoulder blade indicating that I made a complete backswing... while the club remains short of parallel.

Try this with your swing. Some of you may not be able to turn the shoulders to the point that your caddy can see that shoulder blade... however... you should use this as a swing thought to at least get you thinking about turning the shoulders... and forgetting about the club.

One more thing... you shouldn't turn so much that you can no longer see the ball. If this happens, I'm guessing that your hips are rotating too much. Remember... allow them to move involuntarily... not intentionally.

Good Golfing to YOU!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods Update - SNL Style!

Sorry, just couldn't resist. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Perfect Holiday Gift!!

Friends and readers... I hope your holiday shopping and end of year celebrations are going well! By the way... speaking of shopping... if you're still looking for that special gift for that special someone... please read on.

I'd like to take a minute of your time and have you consider the perfect gift... GOLF LESSONS! Why?

(If you already know the answer, skip over to my other blog CreateGolfers for information and opportunity to purchase golf lesson gift certificates at an unbelievable amazing price! Here's the link: CreateGolfers ).

TOP TEN REASONS why golf lesson gift certificates ARE the PERFECT GIFT!

10.  Unlike fruitcake, there's no expiration date on when you have to use them by.

 9.   When the recipient of the gift sees what you bought them, you won't get that, "Oh... that's nice." look.

 8.   You'll save a ton of money on postage if you have to mail your gift this year.

 7.   Good for people of all ages and abilities.

 6.   Certificates can be purchased from the comfort of your own home or favorite cafe with internet access.

 5.   I've DRASTICALLY SLASHED my lesson rates. I mean DRASTICALLY!! (I'll even throw in the golf balls for the lessons... an additional $9 savings!)

 4.   Self indulgence! You can buy four... and keep one or two for yourself!

 3.   Gives you the perfect excuse of why YOU have to go to the golf course with the person you bought the lessons for instead of mowing the lawn. "Honey, I HAVE TO GO play golf with Tom. Remember, I bought him those golf lessons and he really wants me to be there to show me how well he plays now."

 2.   YOU become a hero! This gift never quits... the recipient can play golf for a lifetime... and has YOU to thank!


 1.  I asked my kids for this one... they offered: "Because they're FUN!... because they're ENTERTAINING!... because they would be THE BEST HOLIDAY GIFT EVER!!... because they're TAUGHT BY YOU!!! (okay... I threw the last one in... but they would be.). Listen to my kids!!  They know!

Click on this link ( CreateGolfers ) to be redirected to my other site where you can purchase golf lesson gift certificates. You'll be glad you did. These special rates are for a very limited time only. DON'T miss out! Take advantage of these great prices today! ( Create Golfers )

All lessons taught at the beautiful Legends Golf Club in Clermont, Florida.

Thank you very much! I look forward to seeing you on the golf course!!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bunker Lesson - Splash the Sand out to get the Ball out!

Many golfers are afraid to make a big swing when hitting out of a greenside bunker. The fear... that they'll send the ball flying over the green (perhaps into another bunker! UGH!)!

But, since it's the sand that lifts the ball out of the bunker (see: Don't Scramble Your Egg!), then it makes sense that the sand has to travel far enough to get the ball to go far enough as well.

Watch this short 2-minute video to see how it's done!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting out of a Bunker - "Don't Scramble Your Egg!"

Here's a video lesson I put together demonstrating a simple method for hitting out of greenside bunkers. Enjoy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Trouble With Chip Shots? Finish Low... Ball Goes Up!

Proper Chip Shot Set Up

Proper Chip Shot Finish

To get students to consistently hit good chip shots, I have them focus on their finish position. Oftentimes, students try to “lift” the ball (known as “scooping”) into the air… when in fact, the opposite holds true. The job of the golfer should be to deliver the club down to the ball and let the loft of the club lift the ball up in the air.
Scooping leads to hitting the ground prior to the ball… causing the ball to travel a very short distance AND/OR hitting the top of the ball or on its equator… sending the ball screeching across the green, oftentimes off the green on the opposite side.

If this describes the shots you typically experience when chipping… then try the following:
1. Set up with feet about eight to 12 inches apart.
2. Set up closer to the ball than you normally would set up for a full shot.
3. Lean toward your forward foot (foot closest to the target) and keep the weight on that foot throughout the entire shot (should feel that about 60% of your weight is on your forward foot).
4. Bring the club back using your shoulders and very little wrist hinge.
5. Stroke through and past the ball and FINISH VERY LOW TO THE GROUND WITH THE CLUBHEAD (see illustration above).

The stroke itself is not that uncommon to the putting stroke. If you finish low… the ball should pop up into the air, land softly and roll. Never try to "lift" the ball into the air.

Good Golfing to YOU!